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5 Bulletproof Reasons Why Product & Service Subscriptions Work Better

Why should you choose subscriptions?  A subscription is best understood as an arrangement that prioritises convenience and simplicity of payment, where customers’ daily necessities and various needs are taken care of on a monthly or yearly basis by just signing up once. Subscriptions are indeed not new, with most digital entertainment content on platforms like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime offered to consumers through monthly or yearly subscriptions. However, with e-commerce taking off in the post 2020 pandemic era, subscription models are likely to be adopted for a wider range of daily consumables and services as well. And the ease of just needing to sign up once provides customers with significant time savings, as well as unmatched convenience.  What are the factors behind subscription s being better?  Here's why product and service subscriptions work better, especially when compared to conventional online shopping on e-commerce sites: 1. Easy budgeting   Monthly budgeting

How to Effectively Manage Your Time & Finances Despite Having a Busy Schedule

In the 21st century, where everything is fast-paced both professionally and personally, effective time and money management are essential life skills. Thankfully, what we can do in 24 hours today is aided by modern innovations that help us prioritise and perform tasks more efficiently. The key is to work smarter and to use time management techniques that help us achieve more in one day. Here are five helpful tips on how you can manage your time and money wisely while juggling multiple tasks. i. Set A Boundary Between Work & Personal Life For most adult individuals, working takes up the majority of our day. When working from home, it can become challenging to separate our professional and personal life. It is far too easy to let work matters seep into time that would otherwise be spent on family or yourself, and in the long run, this can lead to burnout or fatigue. To overcome this, it is important to set clear and defined boundaries between work and play when working from home. Unp

How To Shop Smart During Unprecedented Times Like The Covid-19 Pandemic

  The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a worldwide change in consumer buying habits, and retailers worldwide are adapting to accommodate these changes. Stay-at-home orders and mandated store closures are driving people to shop online. This shift in consumer behaviour is likely to remain long-term even as the pandemic abates, with new norm habits here to stay for a long term. Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable and savvy with online shopping on mobile devices, and are well versed in how to look for deals on products as well as price comparisons with the goal to buy cheaper products. It is undeniable that the economic sector has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, so here are 5 tips on how to shop smarter online: Differentiate between essential and non-essential purchases Sure, that new sports rim would look great on your car. And that new perfume from your favourite brand is just heavenly! However, considering that many economic sectors are cutting costs by reducing pay o

What to Consider When Choosing a Subscription Plan

First things first, what is a subscription and why should you choose subscriptions ? We have all definitely heard of it, have a vague idea of what it entails, but we may not necessarily be aware of the full advantages subscriptions hold in terms of their ability to enhance the quality of our lives. In the changing e-commerce landscape, subscriptions are set to be a popular option when it comes to purchasing goods online.  A subscription is an arrangement where by merely signing up once, customers can have products and services delivered to them on a regular basis. Subscription platforms typically involve the categorisation of product or service offerings based on many differentiating factors, such as budget and varying consumer needs. What this means is that subscriptions are often customisable and users can choose subscription plans that best cater to their needs. This versatility can be applied to both product subscriptions or service subscriptions . Of course, to fully reap the be