5 Bulletproof Reasons Why Product & Service Subscriptions Work Better

Why should you choose subscriptions? 

A subscription is best understood as an arrangement that prioritises convenience and simplicity of payment, where customers’ daily necessities and various needs are taken care of on a monthly or yearly basis by just signing up once. Subscriptions are indeed not new, with most digital entertainment content on platforms like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime offered to consumers through monthly or yearly subscriptions. However, with e-commerce taking off in the post 2020 pandemic era, subscription models are likely to be adopted for a wider range of daily consumables and services as well. And the ease of just needing to sign up once provides customers with significant time savings, as well as unmatched convenience. 

What are the factors behind subscriptions being better? 

Here's why product and service subscriptions work better, especially when compared to conventional online shopping on e-commerce sites:

1. Easy budgeting 

Monthly budgeting is a bane for many consumers who simply find it too time consuming to keep track of every purchase. With monthly subscriptions however, you know at the start of every month the amount you have already put aside for daily necessities. What’s more, online subscription services such as online platforms that offer a wide variety of subscriptions in different product categories allow you to track your spending easier as it is all recorded on a single platform. With all of the above in place, budgeting becomes a fairly simple process. Furthermore, subscriptions are also considered effortless as there is no need to repeatedly submit orders every month. 

2. Automated & convenient

Two of our favourite adjectives when it comes to meeting life’s demands are “automated” and “convenient”, and these two adjectives accurately describe a subscription plan. Anyone can be subscribed to anything, be it a service subscription or a product subscription, and it will improve your quality of life dramatically. Through online subscription services, you won’t forget to purchase necessities, as they would be delivered regularly. By signing up for a subscription plan, it inevitably saves you time and effort. With a subscription plan, you will have more time for yourself to relax and reconnect with ourselves amidst the hustle and bustle of life.

3. Less commitment

Be it product subscriptions or service subscriptions, there is less commitment when you are subscribed to a subscription plan. How so? Let’s say you wish to get larger purchases like furniture or a laptop, you can buy this through interest-free subscriptions at an affordable price. This way, there is low risk of you spending an exorbitant amount of money, and you are still able to change your order and try out different options. 

4. More flexibility

It is undeniable that in a world of 7.6 billion people, we are bound to be different in terms of lifestyle and preference. One subscription benefit is the flexibility a subscription plan affords, catering to everyones’ needs according to their lifestyle and preference. As an example, you can choose a plan based on your frequency of use or change up your subscriptions as long as they are within agreed terms. In short, the right subscription plan gives you wiggle room to decide what works best for you and you only have to purchase what you use. 

5. Range of options

As mentioned before this, the scope of what you can subscribe for is very varied. These days, there are subscriptions for a wide range of goods and services, including fast-moving goods (groceries) and beauty and fashion (hair salons). Amazing, isn’t it? Imagine getting a fabulous hair cut while also simultaneously purchasing all your groceries on one single subscription platform. Who says multi-tasking can’t be done when such ease is at your fingertips?

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