What to Consider When Choosing a Subscription Plan

First things first, what is a subscription and why should you choose subscriptions? We have all definitely heard of it, have a vague idea of what it entails, but we may not necessarily be aware of the full advantages subscriptions hold in terms of their ability to enhance the quality of our lives. In the changing e-commerce landscape, subscriptions are set to be a popular option when it comes to purchasing goods online. 

A subscription is an arrangement where by merely signing up once, customers can have products and services delivered to them on a regular basis. Subscription platforms typically involve the categorisation of product or service offerings based on many differentiating factors, such as budget and varying consumer needs. What this means is that subscriptions are often customisable and users can choose subscription plans that best cater to their needs. This versatility can be applied to both product subscriptions or service subscriptions. Of course, to fully reap the benefits of a subscription, you need to first choose the right subscription plan for you!

Before you buy a subscription for a product or service, here are the following factors you should consider to choose the best subscription plan for yourself:

  1. Frequency of use

First of all, ask yourself how much you love a particular product or service. Subscriptions work best for products you use regularly. Most are familiar with the subscription models for digital content, with one of the best examples being Netflix. For a low cost, you can watch your favourite tv show anytime and anywhere. And the best part? No commercials! If you are a huge movie buff, Netflix would be worth the money. Similarly, if you find yourself using something frequently or if it’s a product you simply love, choose subscriptions as it is the easier, more convenient option. 

  1. Budget

What is your budget, and how much are you willing to invest in a subscription plan? Product subscriptions or a service subscriptions are a great way to help you manage your budget better as you will know how much you will allocate for your subscriptions each month. By doing this, not only do you get to enjoy a product or service at an affordable price, keeping on top of your monthly budgeting may just see you with leftover money for your emergency fund or even financial investments! 

  1. Low entry cost 

It is cheaper to subscribe or rent high-value products such as furniture or a laptop, as you can get a better value for the item. With subscriptions, you pay an affordable price each month for a product that would have cost more had you paid it all in one go. This means you can use top of the line items without having to save up a lump sum before.  Furthermore, subscriptions are offered at a low entry cost and are interest-free, unlike purchases that charge monthly instalments via a credit card. There are also subscription platforms that even allow the usage of debit cards instead of credit cards for subscriptions!

  1. Save time

The most important currency of life is time, and the more it is wasted on unnecessary things, the less we get to enjoy life to the fullest. How can we ensure that we have more time to ourselves? Well with a subscription plan, you can save yourself multiple trips to shops and restaurants. Subscriptions can definitely free up more time in your daily life for more important things - time for yourself, with your loved ones, or even with your pets!

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