How To Shop Smart During Unprecedented Times Like The Covid-19 Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a worldwide change in consumer buying habits, and retailers worldwide are adapting to accommodate these changes. Stay-at-home orders and mandated store closures are driving people to shop online. This shift in consumer behaviour is likely to remain long-term even as the pandemic abates, with new norm habits here to stay for a long term. Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable and savvy with online shopping on mobile devices, and are well versed in how to look for deals on products as well as price comparisons with the goal to buy cheaper products.

It is undeniable that the economic sector has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, so here are 5 tips on how to shop smarter online:

Differentiate between essential and non-essential purchases

Sure, that new sports rim would look great on your car. And that new perfume from your favourite brand is just heavenly! However, considering that many economic sectors are cutting costs by reducing pay or reducing their manpower altogether, it is best to consider buying cheaper products and sticking only to essential needs. Consider carefully what is necessary – food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, baby supplies, etc. are staples you should spend your money on. Always keep a mindset of saving while shopping and go for wholesale items and buy things you use on a daily basis in bulk. However, it is important not to panic purchase, as that would lead to overstocking on your part while many others would have to go without. Remember to take stock of what you already have in your fridge and pantry before you restock your daily needs. Having 3 weeks worth of dry goods and necessary supplies is ideal for an emergency stock. Fight the impulse to hoard. 

Stick to your budget

With such a wide variety of things that can be purchased online including off brand items, there may be times where you might be tempted to get something that is not really a necessity. It is fine to get a thing or two just for fun but it would be prudent to shop smarter with a budget in mind. The large bulk of your budget should be for necessities. If you have a surplus amount after getting your necessities, then go ahead and get something nice for yourself. If you are a fan of online shopping on your mobile devices, consider purchasing your needs via online shopping subscriptions, which usually offer great deals for those who want to save money, with the added benefit of making budgeting a breeze.


Go through online reviews, video and written

The one downside to online shopping is that you are not able to inspect the products you intend to purchase. This is where online reviews can help. It is easy to search for reviews of the products you intend to purchase on platforms like YouTube. Many online shopping websites also incorporate user reviews, which can aid you in making the best choice while shopping for what you need.

Choose convenience via delivery services

Many of us who are at-risk, or live with at-risk dependents at home, may think twice before going out. Many choose to shop in less popular shopping malls even if they are a bit out of the way. But with many delivery services available online, people can now choose to have their shopping delivered contactless, lowering the chance of contracting any unwanted viruses through human contact. Those who purchase groceries, healthcare and beauty products and other necessities regularly might consider getting online shopping subscriptions to save time and money, which brings us to the next point -

Opt for subscription plans

Many people are opting for subscription plans these days to obtain products and services online. Netflix and Spotify are examples of platforms that offer monthly subscriptions for their users, where a flat monthly fee is charged instead of renting or buying the content. Companies like CUCKOO also offer subscriptions for water purifiers. With the changing landscape of commerce, which is increasingly transitioning to e-commerce, online shopping subscriptions for daily living necessities are a great option, and often offer discounts on products with a subscription plan.

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